PFA Film

PFA Film

PFA film is a hot melt extrusion cast film made of PFA resin (copolymer of perfluoropropyl perfluorovinyl ether and polytetrafluoroethylene). TCI's PFA film provides all the excellent properties of fluorine element films, such as chemical resistance, stress tear resistance and excellent electrical properties under long-term working at 260°C.

PFA film can be thermally welded, thermoformed, and can be combined with a variety of materials, and is often used for excellent hot melt materials

PFA film is chemically inert and resistant to almost all chemicals. It is very suitable for the complex requirements of high temperature and chemical resistance, such as chemical pumps, tank linings, shrink tubes, rupture discs and seals, etc.

PFA film has excellent electrical properties in a wide temperature range, and can be used in high-frequency copper clad laminates, wire and cable insulation, etc.

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(1) PFA PG series

It is made of 100% high-purity PFA resin, with MFI value between 5-2.5

(2) PFA WG series

It will save 15%-20% of the cost compared with the PG series film, and has the same physical properties, mechanical properties and thermoforming properties as the PG series

Very suitable for heating sealing, welding and other hot melt adhesive applications that do not have high requirements on appearance

Product Features:

The most high temperature and low temperature resistance among fusible fluoropolymers

Long-term stable working temperature from -254°C to 260°C

Melting temperature range from 302°C to 310°C

Chemically inert to almost all chemicals and solvents

Maintain excellent electrical performance in a wide frequency and temperature range

High dielectric strength, exceeding 6500V/25μm (260kV/mm)

Excellent optical transmittance and transparency

Freely mix other plastics, additives and other additives

Product information:

Thickness ranges from 12μm to 250μm

Standard width: the widest to 1524mm

Thickness is greater than 50μm, width can reach 1575mm

Can be cut into specified width as required

Bondable surface (plasma treatment and chemical etching treatment)