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Why is the performance of super weatherproof and anticorrosive PVDF fluorine membrane sheet excellent? 

Core technology: PVDF super weather resistant and corrosion resistant film

Super weather resistant and anticorrosive PVDF fluorine membrane product diagram:

Features of super weatherproof and anticorrosive PVDF fluorine membrane sheet

The use of traditional fluorocarbon paint is to spray fluorocarbon paint directly on the surface of buildings or products. It can only be used as a fluorocarbon coating, which greatly reduces the acid and alkali resistance, super weather resistance, and low temperature resistance of fluorocarbon materials. characteristic.

Gaozheng (a domestic high-end PVDF membrane manufacturer) super weatherproof and anticorrosive PVDF membrane is based on traditional technology, through repeated trials, scientific research, and combined with the characteristics of PVDF materials. It is a composite of PVDF membrane and polymer adhesive membrane with complete performance Beyond the traditional fluorocarbon coating, it is the most characteristic new generation of functional metal substrate protection material on the market.

The surface layer of the board is made of nanotechnology and unique technology. Gaozhengyajia ® PVDF film (different from the paint film formed by spraying) is a domestic first. This anti-corrosion board has better superior performance than ordinary fluorocarbon paint products, including ultra It has the advantages of strong corrosion resistance, aging resistance, temperature difference resistance, stain resistance, and abrasion resistance. It reaches the national A1 fire protection standard and can fully protect the substrate from external erosion.