ETFE film is a hot melt extrusion cast film made of ETFE resin (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer). ETFE film provides all the excellent properties of fluorine element films, such as heat welding, thermoforming, and easy compounding with other materials. ETFE film is an ideal release material for construction, solar and composite materials.

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Product Features:

High and low temperature resistance

Long-term stable working temperature ranges from -200°C to 165°C, instantaneous working temperature can reach 204°C

Low surface friction coefficient

Resistant to chemical solvents

Maintain excellent electrical performance in a wide frequency and temperature range

Excellent transparency and light transmittance

High dielectric strength

Without mixing other plastics, additives and other additives

Can be used for food applications

Low liquid, various gases, water vapor and organic volatiles permeability

Product number:

(1) ETFE HP series (ultra pure grade)

ETFE HP is made of 100% high purity grade ETFE resin

ETFE HP film is often used in applications requiring high dielectric properties or optical transparency requirements

ETFE HP film has a unique combination of high light transmission, transparency and long-term aging resistance

Very suitable for applications such as electronic products, solar front panels, decorative materials, anti-graffiti materials, etc.

(2) ETFE AT series (construction grade)

ETFE AT film has unique weather resistance and internal chemical properties, and at the same time has super strong tear resistance and other physical and mechanical properties

It can be widely used in the application of membrane structure materials in building structures and agricultural greenhouses

(3) ETFE RE series (release grade)

ETFE RE is a good release film for forming high temperature composite materials because of the requirement to maintain non-stick performance at high temperatures.

It has the characteristics of 20% less than FEP film per surface area (22.6m2/kg for 25um ETFE RE film)

It has high elongation and excellent fit softness and is applied to molds with complex shapes

Standard colors include light blue, red and frosted translucent white, colors can be customized

Various perforated films can be made

(4) ETFE M series (medical grade)

ETFE has excellent high temperature resistance and ductility, chemical inertness and non-stickiness, and has excellent biocompatibility. It is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging materials.

(5) ETFE D series (semiconductor level)

ETFE has excellent high temperature ductility, chemical inertness and non-stick properties, and its excellent thermal deformation properties are widely used in semiconductor packaging materials