Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene modified material

Long glass fiber reinforced polypropylene modified material

Product description:

Long glass fiber reinforced PP products have the characteristics of high strength, high rigidity, creep resistance, light weight, corrosion resistance, low cost, good processing performance and dimensional stability. They are widely used in the automotive industry, such as brackets, door panel integrated modules, Automobile instrument panel frame, cooling fan, luggage rack, gear box shell, brake pedal support, fan cover, wiper bracket, bumper, seat frame, battery bracket, engine cover, mudguard, spare tire rack, etc.; Industries, such as draft tube fan blades, motor filter covers, high-lift submersible motors, water pump thrust bearings, vacuum pumps, compressor rotors, wind blades and other home appliances: washing machine drums, printing press rollers, air-conditioning fans, etc.; communications, electronic appliances , Such as high-precision connectors, igniter parts, coil shafts, relay bases, solenoid valve packages, transformer coils, etc.

Product specifications, packaging and storage:

Specification: 25 kg/bag

Packing: 1000 kg/pallet, stretch film, packing belt

Storage: Protect from moisture and light

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Product performance table:

Test itemsunitTesting methodTest resultsRemarks
Glass fiber content%ISO3451/1304150±2
Exterior/Visual inspectionNo pollutionNo pollutionNo pollution/
Tensile modulusMPaISO527-2610083701050024h,23℃/50%RH
Tensile StrengthMPaISO527-29813512524h,23℃/50%RH
Elongation at break%ISO527-,23℃/50%RH
Flexural modulusMPaISO178560085201120024h,23℃/50%RH
Bending strengthMPaISO17814820320024h,23℃/50%RH

Notched impact strength of
simply supported beam


Heat distortion temperature

(1.8MPa, not annealed)

ISO 75-215015215324h,23℃/50%RH


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