Wood plastic environmentally friendly modified material

Wood plastic environmentally friendly modified material

Product description:

WPC001 is a wood-plastic modified material with PP base material. Its product surface has a strong woody feel and excellent performance. At the same time, it has good processing performance and mechanical strength. It is resistant to strong acid and alkali, water and corrosion, and does not breed bacteria. Moth-eaten, not long fungus, long service life. It has a wide range of raw materials, which can recycle low-cost waste wood and plastics, turn waste into treasure, and can be 100% recycled and reproduced without causing white pollution. It is a truly green product.

WCP001 is widely used in furniture such as stools, chairs, tables, cabinets, wall panels, floors, decorative panels, and other building materials products.

Product specifications, packaging and storage:

Specification: 20 kg/bag

Packing: 1000 kg/pallet, stretch film, packing belt

Storage: Protect from moisture and light

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Product performance table:

Test Item

Test Condition

Test Data


Test Standard

Flexural Strength

55MPaASTM D790

Flexural Modulus

3100MPaASTM D790

Impact Strength

23℃45J/mASTM D256

Melt Index

2.16kg,230℃14.5g/10minASTM D1238


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